We pride ourselves on great work and great customer service. We finish the job on time and we do the job right. Below is some feedback we have gotten throughout the years from our amazing customers!

Gary R.

"For the last 20 years or so I had lived under the delusion that I could have both a healthy, lush lawn and large fir trees in my yard. But with the shade, the needles, blossoms, cones, and fallen branches, the lawn was steadily giving way to moss and mushrooms. It seemed that I was up on a ladder to clean out the fir debris in my gutters every other month. I finally came to my senses when one of the trees died and became a threat to the house. The trees had to go.

Unfortunately they were all too close to my house and the neighbors’ property, that they were going to be difficult to take out. One was right above a stairway to the beach. When a neighbor had Jonas and his crew handle some damaged trees, I was able to speak with him about my project. He made the time to take a good look at the situation, and to understand my concerns about the potential for damage to structures and landscaping. He also asked me about my plans for the trees once they were down. He pointed out that some were large and straight enough that they had potential as saw logs. He said that he would be willing to work with me to dispose of the trees by whatever means I chose.

Jonas gave me a written proposal the next day that clearly stated his scope of work and that he was licensed and bonded.

He and his crew arrived at the job site at the scheduled time. They emphasized safety by communicating with each other whenever one of them was in a tree. I was impressed that their communication did not include profanity, and that they were courteous to me and my family.

They worked hard. Even with a mechanical difficulty they completed the job in the agreed time frame. They were able to recover a large portion of the tree trunks to be milled into lumber. They chipped all branches that were too small to be used for firewood and left the pile of chips in the location I had requested. Their clean-up was thorough, leaving my yard in much better shape than I expected.

I would heartily recommend Jonas and his crew to anyone considering tree removal or trimming in the south Puget Sound area."

Joseph H.

"Jonas and Zoltan are the guys to work with. Honest, straightforward bids and proven skills. What would you rather do? Tie a rope to your 4x4 and that alder threatening your cabin and hope for the best while your friend goes to town on the tree with a chain saw? Or trust these guys to check their ropes and gear and go to work all day making sure the trees are taken down properly. They also discounted the price by going in with our neighbor so make it work your while and get the whole job done right."

Jon S.

"Amazing service, Jonas was super polite and informative about removing a dangerous tree at my cabin. Huge value was that he showed up when he said he would and his price was exactly as he quoted. Not to mention... his price was very competitive. I shopped alot and heard a lot of sales pitches.

Jonas just talked to me like a normal guy and made me feel very at ease. BTW his helper is very polite as well. Great guys will use again"

Ashlee D.

"Very responsive & same day estimate. Axia tree service gets the job done quickly, professionally and they leave your property looking perfect once they're finished. Highly recommended!"

Drew C.

"Honest and hard working people in this industry are becoming a rarity these days. Jonas and Zoltan are both of these qualities and more and I wish them success in their newly formed business venture. After receiving a very affordable quote for my project, they arrived on time and powered through all day long (despite torrential downpours) to complete the work on time and clean up the site as if they were never even there. I know they will succeed because they are men of integrity, and I would highly recommend anyone to give them a chance."

Joseph P.

"Excellent, careful work. Jonas and Zoltan cleaned up several trees and removed several dead ones on my property recently, and the place looks the best it's looked in the twenty years I've owned it. They're great to work with, prompt, careful and very good communicators. Thanks guys!"